Work from anywhere

«You cannot mandate productivity, you must provide the tools to let people become their best.»

Steve Jobs
Businessman, computer scientist, inventor


One connection,
Three screens

Here we come. We have carefully studied our technology to optimize and enhance your experience. The system of connection is more than a simple evolution.

The Slide's two 1080p FULL-HD displays have the innovative feature of operate via a single USB-C type cable. If your laptop does not have this port, it also works on USB 3.0 and 2.0.


Travel lighter.
Travel smarter.

Thanks to its ideal size, your laptop can operate as a triple screen anywhere. Lighter than a basic screen, easily transportable.
Take your Slide anywhere with you, in a bag or briefcase.
On the train, in the car or on the road—optimize your work.


The innovative Slide will accompany you everywhere, for everything.

Practical in class, invaluable in your career.

Improve your productivity—at home or away, Slide adapts to your needs. So versatile, it also connects to your smartphone or to your tablet!

color active matrix
color gamut

Foldable and Multimodes
More and more possibilities.

Thanks to their rotation, you have plenty of choices. The panoramic
mode will allow you to share a movie with your friends and work optimally.

Thanks to the unique screen rotation, you have plenty of viewing choices. The panoramic mode allows you to share a movie with your friends while you work optimally. 

The workspace is not restricted to within the company's walls anymore.

Work on multiple tasks simultaneously.

A number of screen combinations are made possible to you. No matter what your activity, the Slide triple screen will make your life easier.

Multiply your screens to work and stay connected, all at the same time. Organization and productivity are key.

Preview + Keynote + Finder + Wikipedia + Youtube + Note

Accomplish great projects with your team and share your documents directly on your three screens.

PDF +  PowerPoint + Numbers

Broaden your mind.
A world of possibilities
await you.

Increasing productivity:

How multiple monitors can save
time and money.

More people are using extra monitors to expand their digital workspaces. Most office desks now have more than one monitor installed. If you’re working hard relying on one computer, a multiple monitor setup can appeal both aesthetically and practically. Why overload your desktop with countless tabs and minimized programs when you could read and put all of your work on one interface?

16:9 FHD high-definition display with a resolution of 1080P/60Hz (1920*1080P)
Single USB connection : Minimum wires and maximum convenience
Windows and Mac compatible
Triple or dual-screen
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Boost your

Research backs up the assumption that shows impressive increases in productivity conducive to a reduction in time to accomplish most daily tasks. A study by Jon Peddie Research found a 42% increase in productivity when using multiple displays.

Slide weight

Our daily lives are becoming increasingly dynamic. We are moving around much more than in previous decades as our needs change. Cafes, trains, airports ... we pull out our laptops to finish a task we started, anywhere.

Our lifestyles are evolving and our setup needs to improve as well. That's exactly what we did. So you can work from anywhere.

What combination of tasks will you finish tomorrow? Transfer files while following an online tutorial? Photo editing while changing your Spotify playlist?

Or working on your new blog post, while checking your sources on Wikipedia. Whatever it is, one thing is sure, everything will seem easier.

Adapts to any need

Portrait mode is just a 90° rotation away. Slide is great for everything you want to do. Go from horizontal to vertical mode in less than 3 seconds.