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"Our daily mission is to make your life easier and help you adapt to the new way of working thanks to ever-changing technology, by doing everything possible to promote productivity and mobility."
Charlee Jeunehomme, Laurent Wéry and Thomas Castro, founders of Portabl.
Birth of
a project
While many incredible stories were born in garages, ours began in an old dovecote in the heart of Belgium. We often hear that innovation comes from the most eccentric ideas; ours was very simple, guided by our corporate mission—reinventing portability and efficiency of people around the world on a daily basis.
At Portabl, every member of our family strives to be part of a change, establishing a new standard, leading a reinvention—bringing solutions to people from all over the world to work, play, do whatever they want, no matter where they are, as never before.

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Slide will remain our first child, but not the only one. Over the past few years, we focused our attention on one specific product to make it the best it can be. We adapted to the evolving world in order to provide you with a product we are proud of.

Work differently,
work from anywhere,
like never before.

Our ambition is to be part of a change by setting new standards and leading a reinvention.

Our main objective is to provide the solution for freedom of working mobility to any individual in the world.

A desire to innovate to adapt to a changing world.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to change our lifestyle and work habits. Working from home has become the norm by obligation, and we think flexibility of  work location will remain a choice—the freedom of choice to work from home or elsewhere. Employers are now recruiting talent who live hundreds of kilometers away. It is with this vision that we imagine and design our products.

We want to provide companies, employees, students and individuals with an efficient instrument to meet the new expectations of the professional sector.

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An ecologically friendly technology.

COVID-19 confinement brought out an important problem—that of the environment. We learned that by staying at home, nature was able to regain its strength. Let's learn from this and remember that it is always possible to minimize our ecological impact.

By working from home, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time. We can support you in this way by helping you work efficiently while staying at home.

Working from home is the new standard

Play your role as a global citizen—avoid travel and decongest your city centers.

We don't pretend to replace your morning coffee gathering with colleagues around the coffee machine, but your new screens will.

You have everything you need for tomorrow’s world at your fingertips.

It was not our initial goal, but we are happy we can help people contribute to the health and decongestion of big cities and the ecology of the planet. We are among those who believe that if we make every effort, at a personal level, the world of tomorrow can only be better.