Your favorite games like never before.

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Play your games as they were meant to be played. Slide brings unrivalled depth to every world you choose to explore, and immerses you with insane levels of details in every display.


4 millions

to your laptop.



Viewing angle


For a better experience.

With only



Everything you need.
Anywhere you go.

Slide keeps the gaming environment you like, right there with you. No matter where life takes you. Thanks to the extra 4 million pixels now attached to your laptop, your gaming experience is unique and unprecedented. Take your gaming with you, without any constraint.

Countless ways to spend your time.

Do things you never thought were possible, or accomplish them in a whole new way.

Combine your Slide with a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, download and play games in the Cloud—directly on the device of your choice. Your Windows 10 PC, your Android mobile phone or even your tablet.
You have the choice.

Slide provides you with a larger screen for playing on your phone! No matter where you are—on a long train ride, or endlessly waiting for someone, it doesn't matter. You’re all set. 

Ever played Forza Horizon 4, Halo 5 or Rainbow Six Siege on the go? Take advantage of your Xbox Game Pass to experience a new, immersive mobile experience in gaming.

Configure your Slide

Experience a brand new gameplay


Have you ever seen both goals at the same time.


Your battleground - as never experienced before.


3 times wider.


Spot them faster.

Highly detailed visuals coupled with vivid colors

Wide 178-degree viewing angles ensure minimal distortion and color shift, even when viewed from extreme angles.

Take your game on the road. Optimal vision is the key to a must-win victory!

Add 4 million pixels to your laptop to discover the hidden areas of your games with the Ultra-wide Game View. Playing Fortnite? Discover more of the map with a wider perspective! Prefer racing games? Enjoy a clear and extended view of the road.

Immerse yourself.

Play your favorite games.
3 times wider.

Are you a geek? Good thing we are, too. Slide can make all the difference, and you know it better than us.

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