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Whether you have chosen a scientific, literary, or other academic path, you can count on Slide to take on any workload. Portable and reliable, transform it into a configuration to help with your research, to taking notes at a lecture or for writing your theses. Slide is designed to evolve with you—on campus, in the library or in your dorm room, you can freely enjoy real study productivity!

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Top of the class in productivity

With only a few weeks left before schools and universities welcome new students and first-year students, one can already sense the nervous tension or excitement when students are preparing for the next semester.

Created with the needs of students and students in mind, Slide can easily meet their specific needs. This is an investment you (or your child) will love. Discover the ideal portable solution for every scholarly requirement.

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Designed to support all workloads.

Students of any age are spending more time in front of the computer than ever before with homework, essays, assignments, coding and programming, statistical analyses, creating presentations and designs.

Computers are also used for entertainment purposes to relax—watching favorite TV shows, movies, playing video games, social media and chatting are popular pastimes among students.

Take your
with you

Users appreciate how a multi-monitor setup increases productivity and comfort on their desktops. Now, with the Slide, this is also possible in a mobile environment.

With its elegant finish, the Slide hides 2 Full HD screens and makes a great investment for years to come.

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The solution for learning anywhere, any time.

Working from multiple screens significantly increases work performance and iis time-efficient compared to using a single screen. For 4 hours of screen work per day, the time saved with a triple-screen is estimated at more than half an hour per day!

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