The Studio.

Provide every employee with the tools they deserve.

Your computer equipment is black, grey or white?

Customize your collaborators' Slides to inscribe your corporate image.

Our "Studio" department is entirely dedicated to your craziest fantasies.

Slides are customizable without limits, in terms of colors and backlit logos to perfectly match your company's graphic charter. At portabl, every detail as its importance.


Your Slide to
your image.

Your logo. Backlit.
Your colors. Coated.
Be different!
Endless customization.

Our service offers a range of unique enhancements, created to allow you to personalize your Slide beyond the standard set of options. Specially designed and manufactured in-house by our dedicated department, these distinctive elements of branding have been designed to intensify the image your company will project through each of your employees, and yourself.

Free engraving.

We allow the engraving of a personal message, dedicated to each new acquirer.

Home is the new office.

Millions of people have taken to working or studying remotely as a result of covid pendemic. This may be the future of work, the new normal. The digital transformation leads us to think about flexible working and virtual meetings.  Let’s take advantage of this, lead to a smoother flow of traffic, promote each employee’ personal satisfaction, better results and, above all, a world that we take better care of.

These are our values.

Study case 1 : Car dealer

How many times a day your sales representatives are they flipping  their screen to face customers during car configurations? Maybe it's time for them to see something better than black plastic and lots of cables?


Study case 2 : Web agency

You are a creative agency, you embody creativity and could express it much more.
Designed and developed to be customized.

All our materials, lightning, coatings and finishes - dedicated to your own creativity.


all the people... from home
Already brought your monitor back home from the office, with its set of cables, adapters and docking station?

We have something much better for you.

Home working starter pack.

Your collaborators combine home-working with the office? They visit clients and can work remotely in their second residence? They like starting the day by 1 hour of e-mailing at the local coffee shop? Make your company stand out from the crowd. Wherever, whenever.

Immediate benefits.

Slides have features that encourage profitability and efficiency. 100% of your team as productive at home, in a park or on your company floor. 3 screens, exclusively customized to your image.

Convivial. Eye-catching. Unseen. Customizable. Professional. Qualitative. Effective. Efficient. Incredible. Beautiful. Lightweight. Approved. Easy. Ambitious. Immediate. Adaptable. Outstanding. Remarkable. Reliable. Surprising. Precious. Magnificent. Solid. Superior. Unconditional. Unique. Universal. Exclusive. Portabl.

You already have a setup ?
Couple it.

Not enough space for both additional screens? The Slide blends in perfectly with any background. Even the one you already have. The more screens, the better, right?
Curious to see what our dedicated ‘Studio’ customization department can do for you?
We're ready to do whatever it takes to help your company stand out.

Studies have shown that an employee working with three screens increases his productivity by 45+% depending on the tasks he performs. It's not crazy, it's simply an investment. Payback in just two months. After that, it's all profit.