Wishing for an extra screen?
Now, you can have 2

with Portabl.

For Mac (even M1 M1 Pro &M1 Max), Windows, Android and Linux.

Set it

Slide attaches easily to the back of your Mac or Windows laptop. Stick on the 4 gravitational mounts, connect a single USB cable and you now have 3 screens running.

Simple, lightweight, portable and detachable.

Flip it

Slide attaches easily to the back of your Mac or Windows laptop. Stick on the 4 gravitational mounts, connect a single USB cable and you now have 3 screens running.


Merge them

Perfect for group meetings, Slide screens are designed to form a triangle. You can display your content to everyone around a table.

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Increasing productivity


2.5 hours saved per day, per employee
(Source: business.com)


42% more productivity

Discover our new Slide

work from coffee shop Anywherework from university aniwherework from anywhere

Work from home like the world has never seen before.

Work from

a coffee shop

the University


A single USB cable

No more hubs. No more dongle.

3 screens, one tiny cable.
Simplified and portable like never before.

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mac left slide _ anywheremac laptop anywhere

Mac & Windows

windows slide - Anywherewindows laptop - anywhere

Designed and developed to perfectly match with any laptop.
The Slide works on both Operating Systems.

Windows XP - Vista - 7 - 8.1 - 10 - 11
OSX / macOS 10.8 onwards (also works with M1, M1 Pro & M1 MAX chips.)
V5.0 Lollipop onwards
Ubuntu 14.10 onwards
Our Technology

Compatible with
any laptop.

Slide weight:

2.0 kg

Slide thickness:

20 mm

Triple screen

Work 3 times faster. Anywhere.

More efficient, more flexible and more mobile— a little like what is expected of us every day.
Slide adapts to any situation. If you have limited space, then just slide out one screen.


One Slide.

Many possibilities.

Available in 8 surface finishes.

Lava Red, Pure White, Graphite Black, Sweet Pink Gold, Carbon fiber, Azur Blue, Magnetic Silver, Cosmopolitan Gold

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Immerse yourself

Play your favorite games
3 times wider.

Play your game, change songs and answer your DMs on Twitch without changing screens. Slide makes all the difference.

A big, beautiful

The power of a second screen.
Taken further.

Configure your slide

Slide is held firmly in place
with its own unique stand.

Pleasure and performance

Countless possibilities.
Simply adjust it to your desired angle.
Minimal friction, optimum slide experience.